Prepare well for a crisis.

No one can prevent a natural disaster from occurring. However, we can do our part to prepare for them.

Check out these steps!

What to do during a crisis.

When the unthinkable occurs, having a plan can make all the difference. In the middle of a disaster, here are some tips for staying safe through the storm.


Remain in a safe area

Take shelter in a small interior room on the lowest level of your house – away from windows and glass doors. Close and secure all interior and exterior doors. Lie on the floor under a table or sturdy object.


Receive weather updates

Employ a portable radio, television and/or smart phone for local weather information and updates. Comply with state and local official warnings.


Prepare for power outages

In the event that you lose power, use a gas generator, but with caution. Follow all equipment instructions and use only when it is determined safe enough to do so. Operate outside of house only.


Emergency preparedness kit

Store kit in a convenient location for quick access. Fill and store large containers of water for consumption and sanitation. Remain in a safe place until instructed to evacuate by a government official.


Recover after a disaster.

We acknowledge that natural disasters are devastating events for both individuals and families within your community. At Feeding the Carolinas, our goal is to help you in the midst of and in the aftermath of a disaster, so that your family and your community can return back to normalcy and safety as quickly as possible.

Find food nearest you.

FTC’s member Food Banks support a network of independent Partner Agencies in local communities like yours. Search for the Food Bank that supports your county, and then on the Food Bank site you can find local food pantries in your community.

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NC Disaster Assistance

The Individual Assistance program provides assistance to homeowners and renters whose primary residences were damaged or destroyed by a natural or manmade disaster. Survivors can register online to get help.


SC Disaster Assistance

Our agencies in South Carolina support individuals post-disaster in various ways – from financial support, to housing assistance, to legal services. The SC Emergency Management Division provides great information about the resources available.


Contact us.

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